New Family Incentive Program

This exciting new program is a partnership of...
Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy (JKHA),
the JCC MetroWest, Congregation AABJ&D and Congregation Ohr Torah.

Over $50,000 in available incentives including yeshiva tution credits, nursery and shul membership discounts, JCC membership and more!

NEW: The program now includes one year membership to the West Orange Mikvah.



Up to $25,000

in tuition credits at the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy

Up to $15,000

for JCC programming including membership and Camp Deeny Riback

Over $10,000

 in shul discounts including membership

Over $10,000

in nursery school credits and shul membership discounts

The Not-so-Fine-Print



  1. Participating families must move into West Orange between December 2014 and August 2020.

  2. The family must submit and receive approval of a new membership application to Congregation AABJ&D or Congregation Ohr Torah by August 2020.  (Program began December 2014.)

  3. The Shul Incentive Program is open to all new families that meet the above criteria, regardless
        of whether they yet have school aged children, and regardless of where children attend elementary school.

  4. Contact the respective shuls for details of the nursery and/or shul membership discounts.

  5. ​One-year membership in the West Orange Mikvah is available at the "Ma'ayan" level for eligible families.   

Additional Terms

  1. If a family does not take advantage of any component of the offer as presented above, they will forfeit eligibility for the value of that offer component. Cash credit or substitution for other services of similar value will not be provided.  

  2. All parties reserve the right to terminate the program at any time without notification.

  3. JKHA/RKYHS is responsible for defining and communicating benefits and eligibility terms of the Bonim Program.  Congregations AABJ&D and Ohr Torah are not responsible for the administration of this program.